Feb 24, 2016

Featured Product – Mastermind by Revive Active

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Maximize your brain’s potential, good news for old and young!

As Irish students have just finished the mock exams and start the final push in preparation for the real thing it’s timely that Irish Company Galway Natural Health, the makers of Revive Active and Revive Active Joint, has just introduced its newest offering to the Irish Market. The new formula is aimed at providing key nutrients for mental performance and is called Mastermind. It’s aimed at both an older demographic keen to use natural supplements to keep the mind sharp and students seeking the same benefits for optimal study and exam performance.
Here are the supplement’s ingredients and their roles:


Mastermind Breakdown
Perfect for:
student-studyingSeniors – If preventative 1 sachet daily. If are starting to suffer from memory and cognitive deterioration, than can take 2 sachets daily (separately for the best effect).
Parents & Professionals – 1 sachet daily.
Students – 15 and up 1 sachet daily. Under 15 ½ sachet daily. Probably not necessary or needed for under 13.

Synapses – When you hear synapses, just think Brain Connections and Memories.
DHA, Uridine and Choline work in synergy to promote:
In General: Brain Function, Nervous System Function, Mental Performance, Cognitive Function
More Specific: Memory, Focus, Mood

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