May 28, 2019

Benefits of Plantain

Plantain Doris Potter Only Natural

by Doris Potter

Plantain, (Ribwort, Fleawort) – Plantago Lanceolata and Plantago Major

Plantain is another favourite of mine, mostly unnoticed, yet abundantly grows along the edges along lanes and footpaths, camouflaged amongst grasses. The slightly sticky seeds get carried around with our foot wear. The very observant Red Indians named it the “White Men’s Foot Step” as it grew wherever he had been.

It again proves to be a very nutritious and powerful healing plant. It is easily found and is the perfect first aid plant when out and about. Rub the leaves and put it on itchy allergic skin, or insect bites, or use it as a plaster on wounds. For blisters on your feet, just put the leaves over the blister in your shoes. It is antiseptic, ant inflammatory and promotes the healing process in the tissues.   Plantain also helps wounds that just do not want to heal, like bedsores, ulcers etc. read more →

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