Nov 28, 2019

Tina’s Spiritual Tidbits for 2019 – Take II

Spiritual Healing Only Natural

Holistic and Spiritual healer and guide Tina Wilkins founder of Spirit Essence offers many different readings and practices here in Only Natural. For a personalised session or to book an appointment contact Tina on 089 702 0235 and she will be able to advise what treatment is right for you.

Tina Wilkins wants to share with us some simple things that anyone can do to introduce some positive energy and healing into our daily lives. In today’s society I think we could all do with a bit of extra positivity and these tips added to over time won’t take much time out of your day but may make you feel that little bit more positive about life!

Well here we are approaching the end of another year…. for some reason they seem be flying past, quicker, almost as if when we blink another week, then a month passes!
I’m a believer that everything that happens, does so for a reason, whether it’s created by our dominant thoughts or karma (which basically is our thoughts/actions coming back to us with a delay, often when we’ve forgotten!) Karma often gets a bad name and yet we are creating this with our thoughts and deeds all the time. So in this festive month of December if you can stay grounded whilst the frenetic energy and build up of Christmas is going on around you and create some good thoughts and Karma you’re effectively creating your next step, your next year.

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