Holistic Wexford’s Website is Now Live!

New website for Wexford natural health fans !!!!!

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We’re lucky in Wexford to have such numbers of dedicated and knowledgable natural health practitioners, from yoga teachers to aromatherapists, from homeopaths to nutritional therapists. There’s no shortage of choice for anyone who wants to go down the natural healing route under the guidance of a qualified therapist. It was a natural progression when a number of these therapists banded together a short while ago to work together to promote themselves and Wexford as a ‘healing destination’.
We’re really thrilled to announce the next step on Holistic Wexford’s journey – the group’s website has just been launched! To quote from the homepage “Holistic Wexford is a group of over 50 Complementary Therapists, Fitness Providers, Health Food shops and people working in the Healing Industry. We set up our group in September 2014 with a goal to building a directory of Holistic Professionals, also to connect with like-minded people to create a support network for each other.”

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At last a central information source on everything in the natural healing world that’s taking place in and around the County. Classes and courses, workshops, a ‘who’s who’ of natural healing in Wexford with an exhaustive list of practitioners’ biographies, healing methods and contact details, it’s all here! Not everyone’s on there yet but a resource like this can only grow stronger and more representative of the natural health community over time.
How we look after ourselves is a matter of choice but if you want to keep abreast of what’s happening locally in the natural health and healing field you’ll certainly want to check out and make the most of this amazing new resource of local knowledge.


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Green jamjar by Mizz Winkens

Green jamjar image


    A Wexford woman’s voice for a greener lifestyle!



Karen Winkens is a friend of mine. She’s married to Zeno, an architect who thought in terms of positive environmental impact long before it became fashionable to do so, whom I’ve known almost for the past forty years. Karen is a woman of principle and a very talented blogger on all things green. Three and a half years ago the couple went to an awards ceremony where Zeno was to win an accolade for his environmentally sound house design. On arrival some guests were asked what they felt our government should be doing to promote awareness and action towards a greener future and I think Karen surprised herself by the strength of her views and the ease with which she articulated them. As she heard herself relayed to the assembly on a big screen in the course of the evening the seed of her blog was born and from shortly after that Green jamjar, a monthly ode to the joys and the prudence of living closer to nature, has gone out to those with ears to hear.

dandelion_id Karen Nolan

I love Green jamjar. Mizz Winkens never fails to be thought provoking and informative, passionate and witty. Each installment allows us to share the successes and flops, the joys and, above all the unmitigated enthusiasm, for a life lived closer to nature. You’ll find information on foraging and renewable energy, recipes (you mean to say you’ve never tried making your own elderberry elixir, a boozy berry cure for colds) , ways to be inventive with new uses for stuff we ordinarily throw away without a second thought (like your own tree ties from inner bicycle tubes) and gardening tips (compost tea for hungry soil or why kohlrabi is an ideal starter veg if you’re new to growing).

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Only Natural – Our 30th Birthday

Ger pic1

A long time ago on a distant planet called the mid-eighties a recent language graduate was facing a dilemma.  College had been a blast but, on second thoughts, Ger wasn’t sure that a career in teaching or translation was beckoning with quite the insistence it had been, so, when a friend mentioned the Start your own Business Course that he’d just gotten onto (can anyone remember AnCo?), Ger had one of those ‘lightbulb moments’.  Retailing was in the blood (he’d grown up in a grocery shop) but ‘How could it involve all this?’ he asked as he tended his beloved herb garden.  Then it dawned, Health Stores sell all things herbal, don’t they?  One AnCo Start your own Business Course and a few days pounding the pavement filling in market research questionnaires later, Only Natural opened to the Wexford public on 1st of November 1985.

Thirty years is a long time and we’re really proud to have been a part of retailing in Wexford for so long.  I’d like to say a big, big ‘Thank you’ to all our many loyal customers over the years for your continuing support and hope that, with that loyal support and custom and our passion and expertise, we’ll continue as Wexford’s most established Health Store for many years to come.  We’ve worked hard to make that happen.  Over the last few years we’ve introduced our Only Natural Loyalty Card Scheme to bring you the best value we possibly can.  We’ve also developed our Website to make it a mine of information via our blogs (check us out at, though, if you just don’t do websites, we’re always here for a chat!  Oh, and if you’d like to shop in Only Natural without leaving home, we plan to be selling on line in the very near future.

Staff pic1
All through October we’ll be bringing you some extra special deals and every thirtieth customer will get 30% off their shopping bill (it could be you!).  As for “The Virtuous Tart – Taking the hell out of Healthy” in the Spiegeltent, that’s going to be a lot of fun so get your ticket soon!
You bet I’m glad I didn’t decide to become a teacher.  I’d have missed out on so much.

Gerald & team


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Hello and welcome to the Only Natural Blog. Here we will keep you informed of upcoming events, product promotions and what’s new in the world of complimentary medicine.  Please feel free to comment on our posts we’d love to hear what you think.

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