How to Beat the Back to School Blues

A good night’s sleep is simply crucial for all aspects of health and happiness.

Anyone who has children will know all about sleep training and getting them back into regular circadian rhythms for back to school in September – well, it’s a similar concept for grown-ups.

Everyone’s routine will be changing at this time of year and trying to beat the back to school/work blues after a fun filled summer break can be easier said than done! We need to start looking at setting more regular nighttime routines and our focus should be on going to bed earlier, unwinding the mind and relaxing the body before bedtime.

Getting into a back to school/back to work routine after the Summer holidays can be a daunting task but the key area to focus on is starting to implement a regular bedtime and encourage school time sleep and awake patterns earlier rather than later.

So why not start today!


Recommended Products:

3–12yrs: Mag365 Kids

12yrs+: Mag365 BF

What to do

Try adding in 1tsp of Mag365 ionic magnesium citrate powder to warm water and sip like a bedtime tea about an hour before bed. Magnesium is one of nature’s natural relaxants and therefore can help relax tired achy muscles as well as helping us switch off our mind for a restful night’s sleep.

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