KoyuMatcha, or powdered green tea, is gaining huge popularity in Ireland as a natural way of promoting calm and concentration and we love the Koyu brand. Here are some details of Koyu’s story.

Koyu matcha is the brainchild of a returning Irish expat, Kevin, who, after 6 years in Japan returned to the West to find sushi, tempura and Hello Kitty in abundance, yet couldn’t locate one of Japan’s greatest treasures in any shop – matcha. Since matcha has a parallel life in Japan as both the revered tea of Tea Ceremony as well as one of the most popular flavours of beverages and confectionery, it was mystifying to have it be almost entirely unknown in the west. And so the idea was born to bring this great taste to the west – given the amount of addicts in Japan, it seemed a pretty safe bet.

What we weren’t aware of starting out, was just how good matcha was from a health perspective. Every new fact seemed almost incredible – antioxidant powerhouse, energy boost, relaxant and weight loss aid – it seemed too good to be true. But the facts were there. Wonderful to taste and incredibly beneficial to health, we set about creating a brand that would do justice to this wonderful drink. Enlisting the best suppliers we could find, award-winning producers who were also at the forefront of organic cultivation and best-practice processing, and, thanks to brilliant designers such as Mohammed, Justin, and Kyle among others we think that we’ve succeeded.

Now, thanks to the top quality matcha we’ve sourced, we’re delighted to introduce this most potent and pure form of tea to the west. We’ve focussed on Ireland and the U.K. for now as we’re based in Dublin and London respectively, but thanks to the web, we hope to reach all four corners of the globe. The response so far has exceeded expectations and we are amazed at how quickly people become matcha disciples – some of our customer’s reactions are so enthusiastic it gives us even more encouragement to keep spreading the good news.   We’ve been told everything about this stuff from our customers. Words like “incredible energy”, “sensational”, etc have been sent our way. We’ve been told by our customers its helped them with everything from weightloss to fertility, from younger-looking skin to arthritis. One of our customers told us it was one of the greatest products he’s ever seen in 25 years in the health food industry. We think matcha is both the past and the future of green tea.

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