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Baobab, why we should be using this little known superfood

Recently covered by Channel 4’s ‘Superfoods : The Real Story’, the properties of Baobab are likely to make it hugely popular in the very near future. Grown in South Africa the Baobab is the fruit of a tree. Traditionally used and revered for its health giving properties by the local population it’s harvested when the fruits dry naturally on the tree and then fall to the ground. The contents of the fruit are then ground into a powder whose properties qualify it as a real superfood!
Like other Superfoods baobab’s nutritional benefits are huge. It’s a vitamin C powerhouse for immune health, a source of soluble and insoluble fibre to maintain good digestion and healthy cholesterol levels, as well is a rich source of prebiotics to keep our gut bacteria healthy with all the benefits that come with that.
However Channel 4 stressed another of the fruit’s benefits, it’s ability to regulate blood sugars and in a population where sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diet are leading to a veritable diabetes epidemic this could be huge.

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