Sukin, a skincare brand from down under that could be big up here !

Sukin Only Natural

Sukin was launched in 2007 by a Melbourne based family on a mission to provide high quality, affordable and effective natural skin and hair care.  We’ve stocked some Sukin products for many years now but, in line with our new drive to support products which truly love the environment as well offering quality and value, we’ve just increased the range. As to quality I have no doubts, you don’t get to be Australia’s No. 1 selling natural skin and haircare range without being a brand that works, especially in a comparatively harsh environment like down under.

As for eco credentials Sukin have chosen to make that the core of their ethos from the start. As their website puts it : “Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth” is our tagline which reflects our affordable price positioning and also touches on Sukin’s natural formulations and earth friendly brand ethos, these elements have resonated well with our customers.

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