Miso Soup, Simply Amazing

Miso Soup Only Natural
Continuing with our Japanese inspired blog I enjoyed lots of delicious, healthy miso soup during my time there and, now that I’m home I’m craving it already so I’m going to share the recipe. What better way to introduce Japan’s premier superfood into your diet. Miso provides immune and digestion boosting probiotics, nutritious protein, plus nutrients like copper, manganese and vitamin K. It’s reputed to have blood pressure controlling and cancer fighting properties. Once you add it to your diet you’ll quickly grow to love it’s deeply savory flavour. There are various types of miso from the darker saltier types to the sweeter white ones. Always make sure you’re buying an unpasteurized miso and never boil it as you destroy its properties by doing so. Try it in all sorts of soups and casseroles as well as dressings, marinades and spreads.

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