Ger’s April 18 Monthly Update

Ger's Monthly Update Only Natural

Would you buy tahini from this man?

We would and here’s why. Meet Nikolas Papadopoulos. Nikolas is Greek and grew up with a love of the unadulterated foods of his homeland. Having moved to Ireland he set up El Greco Foods in 2013. As his website says :
“Drawing inspiration from the Greek culture of food we travel the country to find the people whose produce we put on the table. Our aim is to offer products that are natural, nutritious, flavoursome and ethically sound.”
We’re so with you on that Nikolas and we’re thrilled to have just become stockists of El Greco’s amazing food offering.
Nikolas Papadopoulos Only Natural
From chatting with Nikolas I discovered how important it is for him to personally get to know the producers who’s foods he brings to the Irish market such as Mihalis Tzortzis the producer of his Olvia organic olive oil.

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