Time to Renew

Young woman holding a red apple below her belly button.

Digestion and elimination! Yes I’m on my soapbox again, effective digestion and effective elimination are the two cornerstones of good health and when they break down due to poor diet or lifestyle choices that’s when the whole gamut of diseases we think of as ‘modern’ illnesses (inflammation of skin, joints or digestive system) kick in and take their toll.
So it’s a new year, Christmas was a blast hopefully, but now it’s time to look forward, get into shape and feel good in 2016.

Enter Renew Life. This is a Company who’s products we only took on in a serious way this year but already we love them and are seeing real results. As with many very successful companies this one was born from the experiences and drive of one person and has chosen to specialise in one area, in this case digestion and elimination. They’ve chosen to make a small and highly specialized product range where quality and effectiveness are paramount. Of the vast number of probiotics on the UK market Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Critical Care took the accolade for Harper’s Bazaar Best Probiotic 2015 which says a lot!

To understand what makes Renew Life a special company, one must first know the story of Brenda Watson, who founded Renew Life in 1997. Suffering from poor health and chronic aliments, Brenda began her journey towards better health by embracing the philosophies of Bernard Jensen (a holistic nutritionist and pioneer in the health field). She quickly realized that through cleansing and proper dietary choices, her health was improving for the better.

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