Viridian Natural Health Summit 2016

Viridian Natural Health Summit 2016

Road Trip Time!

It’s well known that we love the big hearted brand Viridian here in Only Natural so when we were invited to their Natural Health Summit in London recently we knew we had to attend!

Viridian are known for doing things right – the company was founded on two fundamental principles; to develop a range of supplements with the highest possible ethical standards and to generate significant funds for children’s and environmental charities – so we knew their health summit would be no different.  It was an all-day event with a host of inspirational, world-leading experts.  The theme of the day was Transformation – transforming the health of people, lives, society, future generations and the planet.  So with that Nichola and Michelle headed off with open minds, hoping to come back all inspired.

The first and fourth speaker of the day was Deanna Minich and she was discussing ‘The Science of Colour and the Art of Healing’ and then delving into this in more detail in her afternoon talk on ‘Phytonutrients: Latest Science and Clinical Application.

Viridian Natural Health Summit Deanna MinichAccording to Deanna ‘We can think of food as pure physical nourishment – to give us the calories we need to function – to move, speak or think.  Or, we can expand our vision to encompass eating as something that connects us to our inner and outer landscapes – our emotions, creativity, mind, heart, truth, expression, intuition, and need for connection with the environment, people, animals, plants, earth, water, planet and universe.

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