Temperance by Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas, Only Natural Temperance
Temperance is a card of Faith. Spiritually, this marks the part of the journey when we suddenly realise that we have already passed beyond known civilisation. We find ourselves travelling alone through the wilderness. We didn’t notice the transition as we journeyed from a countryside of lush greenery to a dry desert of heat and extremes. Our awareness just suddenly returned to show us where we are now. We know we have been prepared for the journey, we have everything we need to survive. Once again we assume the role of child who reaches adulthood. No longer can we rely on parental supports, we need to stand on our own two feet. The teaching we have received since early childhood will stand to us now. Our Individual must step up and be counted. This is Spiritual elevation. We have the ability to move nearer to the Divine. read more →

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