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The state of men’s health is in crisis. Men experience worse longer-term health than women and die on average six years earlier. Prostate cancer rates will double in the next 15 years. Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50. Three quarters of suicides are men. Poor mental health leads to half a million men taking their own life every year. That’s one every minute.

This rather shocking statement is from the Movember Foundation website. Starting from a conversation between two Australian men in 2003 the Movember Foundation has brought the Men’s Health Cause to worldwide attention and Ireland is now firmly on board with events to raise awareness and funds happening all over the country this month.
Men's Health
Men do seem to start at a disadvantage here, we just don’t talk about it! The 2011 E.C report into The State of Men’s Health in Europe says that ‘health is often socially constructed as a feminine concern so that men often feel they should appear unconcerned about their health thus presenting a ‘real’ male identity.’ Is it ‘real’ not to take care of yourself? I don’t think so! Once this stereotype is broken down we can admit to our concerns and get into the habit of voicing them, seriously looking at the lifestyle factors that are stopping men from having the same health expectations as women and addressing them and getting the routine health checks that spot symptoms before they turn into major issues. So perhaps the first step is to become ‘body aware’ and to be willing to seek help and advice at the first sign that anything might be wrong.
With regards to lifestyle the basic recommendations are valid for both sexes, eat a natural, wholefood diet and get enough exercise. The ‘gym shake’ is a great starting point for increasing your nutrient intake through food by looking at the many ‘superfood blends’ available specifically for this purpose.

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Product Review – Pukka ManPlus

Product Review Pukka ManPlus

ManPlus is one of Pukka’s unique range of supplements based on the venerable Ayurvedic medicine system from India. As a ‘male tonic’ I think it has so much to offer. The combination of ingredients strengthen, nourish and rejuvenate. They offer circulatory stimulant and heart tonic properties, reduce inflammation and alleviate stress. Which man couldn’t benefit from that kind of boost. Low vitality, low libido, prostate inflammation, erectile dysfunction, frequent urination, relentless stress and adrenal exhaustion can all be combatted by its impressive list of ingredients.

Among them are :

Turmeric and Aloe Vera for their anti inflammatory properties.
Red Ginseng and Hawthorn for energy and heart tonic properties.
Spirulina, a microscopic algae to offer nutrition including iron and b vitamins.
Cinnamon and ginger to stimulate the circulation.
Cordyceps, a mushroom to improve oxygen availability and rejuvenate the reproductive system.
Broccoli and cabbage seed sprouts which can have a positive effect on prostate swelling.
Pomegranate and Holy Basil which are potent antioxidants.
Maca is a reputed aphrodisiac, thought to increase sperm production and motility.

Featured Product Red Ginseng

ManPlus has a combination of ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate the male body including the heart and the reproductive and hormone systems, to reduce inflammation while boosting the circulation and kick starting the libido. It makes for an effective all round male tonic.

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