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Ger’s May 19 Monthly Update

Ger's Monthly Update Only Natural

Hi everyone, I can’t believe it’s already May, it seems like only yesterday I was taking down the Christmas tree. Oh well, time moves on and change happens and in Only Natural we’ve lots happening so if you’re as passionate about Natural Health as we are come on in and check out the latest such as…………..

We’re Going Wild

As part of our mission to bring our customers the very best there is in our field we’re about to take on the Wild Nutrition range. This is a range of ‘food grown’ supplements including nutritional, herbal and combination formulas. Born from the passion of nutritionist Henrietta Norton to produce the very best supplements for her own family’s use Wild Nutrition is based on the premise that smaller units of food grown supplements are way more effective than mega doses of synthetic nutrients. Many of the formulas are geared towards female health and were born from Henrietta’s own story. As she puts it “Nutrition changed the course of my life. I suffered with chronic Endometriosis during my twenties. Each month I would nearly pass out with the pain. To add insult to injury, the doctor told me that I would never be able to have children. So I went to see a nutritional therapist who specialised in female health. I listened. I changed my diet. It changed my life. Today I’m a mother of three.”

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