Ger’s February 2018 Monthly Update

Ger's Monthly Update Only Natural

Shiva Speaks

My friend Nuala who, with her husband Matt, runs Enniscorthy’s Evolv Health Store, is a talented psychic and spiritual counsellor and over the years has used her talent for healing and guidance for the benefit of many. One practice she has honed to a fine art is that of channeling which can be defined as “quite simply the process of expanding and focusing your consciousness to bring through Divine guidance.”
I’m thrilled to say that the results of channelings done by Nuala over the last few years are about to take the form of a book ‘Shiva Speaks’. In the book are 21 eloquent and wise discourses on topics like ‘happiness’, ‘finance’, ‘pain’, ‘addiction’, ‘love’, ‘the obsessive mind’ and ‘the truth of who you are’. Each is an example of distilled wisdom channeled by Nuala’s higher self and sure to be a source of help and guidance when we come up against these issues in our lives as surely we must. Simple prayers and affirmations are included to help on the path and the beautiful photography that accompanies the text is also Nuala’s work. The book is truly a labour of love. Here’s an example of what Shiva has to say about bravery, think on this as you face your own fears.

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