Give Your Liver A Helping Hand This Christmas!

Give your liver a helping hand

The season of indulgence is on us and indulgence inevitably leads to stress for the liver and possibly also for the waistline so this year why not take a few simple steps to boost your liver’s function before Christmas? We’re on a mission in Only Natural, we just did some great training with Caroline Harmer who works with Renew Life UK, the leaders in natural health supplements for digestion and metabolism and here’s Caroline’s considered take on what you can do right now to guarantee a happier, healthier Christmas and beyond.

Looking after your liver during the Christmas party season

Many people find themselves thinking about cleansing in January and detoxing their liver following the Christmas festivities. But there are things you can do to support your livers health while indulging in festive food and drink.

The liver is your major detoxification organ, performing over 500 functions in the body. Even with healthy organic eating, purified water, restful sleep, and regular physical activity, in today’s modern world the liver requires additional support to keep up with everyday stressors, environmental pollution, and chemical toxins.

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