King of Cups

King of Cups by Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas Spiritual Guidance
February is traditionally and symbolically seen as the beginning of Spring in Ireland. New growth may not be immediately visible under cover of the ground, but the impulse to create new shoots has begun. This is the month when we will see new lambs literally springing in the fields, running in joyous groups, excited to be together, alive!
The King of Cups sits on his throne surrounded by water, but not quite coming into contact with it. He may have temporarily retreated from the material world. His vision of life and immense knowledge comes from his own subconscious exploration of the Self. He is looking further, wider and deeper than usual. He is finding new ways to awaken the creative powers and to create Hope. Such inspiration can be achieved by breaking down the boundaries which obstruct clear passage and by the removal of creative and emotional blockages. Accepting that the small irritations of life do not always mirror the big picture can be a step toward emotional freedom and clarity of thought, allowing the true passions and desires to take hold and grow into something more substantial. read more →

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