Tina’s Spiritual Tidbits!

Spiritual Healing Only Natural

Holistic and Spiritual healer and guide Tina Wilkins founder of Spirit Essence offers many different readings and practices here in Only Natural. Tina is instore on Saturday afternoons 3pm til 6pm apart from the last weekend of the month when she will be in on the Sunday 2pm til 5pm. For a personalised session or to book an appointment contact Tina on 089 702 0235 and she will be able to advise what treatment is right for you.

Tina Wilkins wants to share with us some simple things that anyone can do to introduce some positive energy and healing into our daily lives. In today’s society I think we could all do with a bit of extra positivity and these tips added to over time won’t take much time out of your day but may make you feel that little bit more positive about life!


As the nights draw in and it gets colder, natures answer is to withdraw, to pull back from life and slumber until the spring dawns. This made me think about how unnatural our rhythm has become, how apart from nature. For whilst the natural state is to rest, majority of ‘us’ will be caught up in the Christmas rush or trying to cram as much into the daylight hours as we can.

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Wexford Yoga Centre Open Day Not To Be Missed

Sadhana Open Day Only Natural
Sadhana Yoga Centre in the Faythe in Wexford town is in the process of reinventing itself largely following events in the life of its founder Linda O’Grady. I had a chat with Linda to find out just what had brought her to this, what her background and modus operandi as a yoga teacher is and just what plans she has for Sadhana.
Linda has been working in the bodywork area for the last twenty years and what struck me was how rightly proud she is of her illustrious yoga lineage. She teaches Vinyasa Krama Yoga and was taught by Srivatsa Ramasami. Srivatsa Ramaswari in turn received the teachings from Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (November 18, 1888 – February 28, 1989), an Indian yoga teacher, ayurvedic healer and scholar. Often referred to as “the father of modern yoga,”  Krishnamacharya is widely regarded as one of the most influential yoga teachers of the 20th century. If close to source is good then Linda has it!

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Ger’s July 18 Monthly Update

Ger's Monthly Update Only Natural

We’re bringing Dale Pinnock to Wexford

Dale Pinnock, UK celebrity chef, author and nutritionist has just updated and republished The Clear Skin Cookbook first brought out in 2012 and, in partnership with Viridian Nutrition, we’re delighted to be hosting Dale for a cookery demo highlighting the do’s and dont’s of his unique 60 day clear skin program on the 20th of August. There’s a bit of time to go yet so watch this space and final details of the event and how you can be there will be in our August newsletter. The program is a nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle guide for anyone suffering from skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis. We currently have copies of the book to give away in Only Natural (Ts & Cs apply, purchase necessary) and this month’s recipe is a small taster of how following Dale’s plan certainly needn’t be about self denial! Here’s an excerpt from Dale’s own story on Viridian’s website which explains just why skin problems are an issue so very close to his own heart.

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Happy New Year, Happy New You

Happy New Year, Happy New You pic
Would you like to maximize your potential for happiness and health in 2017? If so this is for you. Happy new year, happy new you is a holistic health and awareness programme put together by Spiritual Earth and Only Natural. It will take place over 5 Thursday evening sessions running from January 12th to February 9th 2017 from 7 – 9 pm. 
Gain insight and understanding of our most powerful tool – our mind and practical tools to find your way to health, energize your life, restore wellbeing and thrive at physical, mental and emotional levels.

Topics covered include:

The 5 sessions will deal with how to approach in a truly holistic way five common issues that can stand in the way of health and happiness in today’s world. These are as follows:

Jan 12 Detox for Vitality and healthy weight management

Jan 19 Sleep Better, Stress Less

Jan 26 Pain and how to manage it

Feb 2 Overcome depression and low mood

Feb 9 How to have more energy than you know what to do with

When we can change our mind we can change anything, change that happens in the mind can be sustained, if we are fully present in every moment we will move towards balance and alignment – bringing what we think, say and do all into balance. Learn tools to help you live in the moment and make the best of the moment and bring lasting, positive change to your life.

Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy – it is our ticket to happiness or misery – our choice – we can be the boss of our mind and our thoughts or we can be slaves. Learn how your mind works and how to use it to get the very best out of yourself and your life.

Learn how to use breathing techniques to ease pain and stress in the body, learn how to address emotions that may amplify pain – learn different, light gentle movements and techniques to ease pain in the body.

Putting it all into practice:

The programme is designed to introduce participants to all the paths to wellbeing from the physical such as diet, nutrition and exercise to the mental and spiritual paths of meditation and yoga and how to use them to overcome life’s physical and emotional challenges. It represents a unique synthesis of what Only Natural and Spiritual Earth are all about.
Happy New Year, Happy New You image
The cost is €12 per session or €50 to attend all five, guest therapists will be invited to contribute and refreshments and healthy snacks will be served each night.
If you are looking for a boost – This could be just the gift for you and for friends and family –  An excellent Christmas gift, giving you the right start to 2017!  Gift vouchers are available from Spiritual Earth or Only Natural.  Call Spiritual Earth at 0871 335230 or call or visit Only Natural 053 912 3236 or book online.
Places are limited so it is advisable to book early.
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Don’t worry, be happy!

Whether we like it or not, stress is a fact of modern life, whether it’s the ongoing challenge of ‘managing’ life in this increasingly frantic world or coping with individual high stress events as life throws them at us. It is a natural reaction to events, our mind telling us to be alert and ready to navigate life’s difficulties. It only becomes a problem when that state of alertness becomes habitual. When we experience prolonged periods of worry and anxiousness so great that we start to become overwhelmed by them, then all sorts of things can go wrong. Firstly there’s the feeling itself, life’s joy becomes overshadowed by fear and worry and then other areas of life become affected. We don’t sleep well and don’t have the energy to function properly and our immune system brain fog imageand digestion come under pressure leading to sickness. Mental fog and poor or no decision making replace clarity of mind. Long term unresolved stress can lead to depression and isolation, not a pretty picture!
So whether you’re trying to cope with a tough period or event or fighting a longer battle to feel better remember the natural strategies and aids that can help. There are many herbal, homoeopathic and nutritional aids to combat excess stress, see our product of the month to see the effect some of these have on the body.

These are some lifestyle recommendations.

Eat plenty of whole grains, beans, nuts and green leafy vegetables, they provide B vitamins and Magnesium to support the adrenal glands. Fish, nuts, seeds and good vegetable oils help to balance your mood. Avoid tea and coffee which jangle the nerves (while matcha or powdered green tea can actually help them!) and be wary of alcohol (it’s actually depressive and in troubled times we’re more open to addiction).

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