Ben from Amber Bead Company SOS Instore!

Amber Bead SOS Only NaturalA lot of people have heard that Baltic Amber beads can help with teething pain in babies but do you know what Amber is and how it can help?  Also did you know that Amber can also be worn by adults to help with an array of conditions for your bones, joints, skin and more.

Ben from Amber SOS will be instore with us on Saturday 14th October from 10am to 4pm informing us all of all the wonderful things Amber can do for us. He will also be advising which piece of stylish jewellery would work best for each case!!

So make sure to drop in for a chat and to have a look at their fabulous range of Amber bead therapeutic jewellery. We believe in looking stylish whilst doing your body some good!

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