Breast is Best!

Breastfeeding Only Natural
Who could deny that the best start in life for any child is the food that nature intended, mother’s milk? Not only is baby optimally nourished but their immune system also gets the kick start it needs from sharing mother’s probiotic organisms as well as which the physical and emotional mother/baby bond has every chance to flourish from day one to the benefit of both.
However it’s easy for a new mother to be overwhelmed by the birthing process, breastfeeding itself, which doesn’t always run smoothly, and all the big changes that happen at this time.
So we thought it would be good to run our next coffee morning around this topic. This is your chance to come in for a chat with other mothers who’ve learned from the experience (these include Chloé, Kim and Michelle on our own staff who’ll be happy to talk to you anytime they’re on the floor) as well as Nuria and Stephanie Murray, both very experienced Midwives and Lactation Consultants from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday 7th October.

Hints and Tips

In advance of the day here are some hints and tips that we’ve put together to help to make the whole experience flow (pun intended).

-Weather and climate permitting, topless sunbathing before and after birth is a great way to help to toughen nipples especially if thrush is a problem.
-Feed on demand, follow your baby’s cues. Don’t wait ’til their hand is in their mouth, you want to feed them when they’re calm to establish a good latch. It is especially very important to feed them often during the first few weeks after birth to establish a good milk supply.

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