Recipe of the Month – Seasonal Fruit Parfait

Seasonal Fruit Parfait2
This recipe is a great, untraditional way of using delicious Irish apples. The fruit layer can be made using whatever fruit is in season – just amend the sugar content and spices depending on the fruit (tasting is key here!).

It can be as easy or as laborious as you like. Essentially, it is stewed seasonal fruit layered with coconut cream, crunchy granola and maple toasted pecans. For a truly decadent dessert, you can whip up homemade coconut cream, bake a batch of delicious granola and top it with the caramelised pecans. But for a quick and easy treat, switch the coconut cream for a tub of Coyo Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt and just pick up a packet of your favourite store-bought granola!

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