Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield – How To Be The Change In A Messed Up World

On a sunny Sunday in early April, myself and Ciarán headed to Common Ground in Bray to meet environmental activist, Rob Greenfield. The room was bursting at the seams with avid listeners and there was a tangible feeling that maybe, just maybe, a change is coming. Maybe we can turn back the clock on all the environmental destruction we’ve caused.

We’ve followed Rob’s work for a few years now. He first came onto our radar in 2013, when he cycled from San Francisco to Vermont living by his low-energy, low-waste criteria and carrying any rubbish he generated with him. He had no money and relied on the food waste in public skips and bins for sustenance. Needless to say, he never went hungry. As a species, we waste an incredible amount of food. Rob’s passion is minimising the damage we cause to our ecosystem by reducing waste in all its forms.

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