Anna Skrine

Anna Skrine

Allergy Testing & Nutrition, Healing through Visualisation

Anna Skrine offers a Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Clinic here in Only Natural on a weekly basis. Anna also makes use of  her extensive background in naturopathic medicine to recommend healing dietary and lifestyle changes to improve or overcome many common ailments.  A test costs €60 for adults (1hr) and €40 for babies and toddlers (1/2 hour). Anna also offers Healing Through Visualization.  Unresolved emotional problems are stored in the subconscious, and its language is in images.  This is why working with visualization is such a successful and profound method in safely getting to the core of a problem, and helping with its healing.  A session costs €60 (1 hr).

Life After Cancer is about addressing the problems that led to the cancer in the first place in order to help stop it from re-occuring – whether the problems were emotional, nutritional, environmental, or a combination of these. Your body is extremely wise, and is programmed to heal you if given the right conditions. A session costs €60 (1 hr).

Bookings can be made for any of the above by calling us instore on 053 9123236.

Therapy Schedule

Many years ago I went to London to train as an opera singer. Over the space of a few years I developed all sorts of irritating symptoms – including a permanent sore throat, and a mucus problem that seemed to involve a bout of flu every 6 weeks, to name but a few.  I realised that for me singing involved an almost impossible fight with my precious instrument – my body. One day a friend and fellow student asked if my symptoms could have anything to do with what I was eating.  Though very surprised at the suggestion I decided to experiment a little. The results amazed me, and this led not only to my training with the best nutritionists I could find – the teachers of the Bristol Cancer Clinic dieticians, whose talks thrilled me – but also into other areas of awareness and healing.  Singing became secondary to my fascination with health, and remains a much loved hobby.

A life-long dialogue then started between my body and my mind, at first in relation to my physical health through learning to understand and heal any symptoms that my body presented by sorting out the cause.  What I have learnt through this dialogue, along with my trainings in Dietary Therapy and Allergy Testing, are what I now use to help others.
A similar journey also started with my emotions, mind and spirit – becoming aware of fears, unresolved issues, inherited attitudes and belief systems that didn’t sit comfortably with me, or any other negative emotions.  Again I always look for the cause and a way to heal that, in order to try to bring about true healing. Two very important trainings that helped me with this were in-depth workshops with Phyllis Krystal on her method ‘Cutting the Ties that Bind’, and working for many years on Past Lives with another great teacher, Mitzi Brandt. These are some of the visualisation methods that I now use to help bring about emotional healing with others, and the slow shedding of the karmic load that most of us have brought in to this life.
The journey to true health and wholeness, and ultimately to Oneness with our Inner Wisdom, or Inner Divinity, is to me the most wondrous journey of all!

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