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Anna Skrine

Allergy Testing & Nutrition, Healing through Visualisation

Anna Skrine offers a Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Clinic here in Only Natural on a fortnightly basis. Anna also makes use of  her extensive background in naturopathic medicine to recommend healing dietary and lifestyle changes to improve or overcome many common ailments.  A test costs €60 for adults (1hr) and €40 for babies and toddlers (1/2 hour). Anna also offers Healing Through Visualization.  Unresolved emotional problems are stored in the subconscious, and its language is in images.  This is why working with visualization is such a successful and profound method in safely getting to the core of a problem, and helping with its healing.  A session costs €60 (1 hr).

Life After Cancer is about addressing the problems that led to the cancer in the first place in order to help stop it from re-occuring – whether the problems were emotional, nutritional, environmental, or a combination of these. Your body is extremely wise, and is programmed to heal you if given the right conditions. A session costs €60 (1 hr).

Bookings can be made for any of the above by calling us instore on 053 9123236.

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Therapy Method


Your body is your vehicle for this life, and so looking after it’s health is an essential basis for all you may wish to achieve. Western Medicine plays a very important part in saving and prolonging life, and dealing with chronic medical problems; but much can be done to alleviate, and often fully cure, the less severe states of ill-health, simply by removing the cause of the body’s symptoms, and so allowing it to naturally rebalance and heal.  This natural way was the method used by Hippocrates (460-370 BC) who is still now regarded as the Father of Western Medicine – though for now Western Medicine appears to have completely forgotten his approach!

An Allergy Testing and Nutrition session lasts for about an hour.  After asking many questions to find out how your body is working and what you are eating, I then test you for many different substances using a German Bio-Energy machine. These include foods and drinks, mineral balances, chemical additives, and Electromagnetic and Geopathic stress. At the end of the session we make a list of anything that needs avoiding, and what to do or eat instead.  There are no needles involved!
I also work with babies and children, using a pendulum when they are too young to be able to use the machine.
Unless a child is chronically ill, it normally takes between one and six weeks for symptoms to clear in their body once the cause of the disease is removed  – including symptoms such as asthma, eczema and digestive problems.  It is usually a question of adjusting the diet to suit the child’s body, or sorting out any environmental stresses, such as Geopathic or Electromagnetic Stress.

This is largely true for adults too, though the more chronic the disease the more difficult it may be to clear; and the more the body has been suppressed with medication the less easy the healing process will be.  Most people get some relief, and many are cured completely, simply by sorting out the cause of the symptoms.

Working with visualisation is very deep work. The language of the subconscious, where unresolved issues are stored, is in pictures, not in words; and so it is possible to get down to the root of the problem through visualisation methods relatively quickly.  I normally start any session with a grounding visualisation for protection.  We then connect up with Source/the Divine Energy, in whatever form is dear to the client, and that is what we ask for all the information we need, as well as the healing. One or two sessions on a particular issue is normally all that is needed.
These are some of the visualisation methods I use to work on emotional issues.
– Healing the aura, and learning to connect with your Inner Wisdom through meditation;
– Cutting the Ties that Bind method for letting go of negative ties between you and another person (leaving in place all that is positive).  This helps to free you from outside controls, so that you can eventually be guided only by your own Higher Self/Inner Wisdom;
– Past Life therapy – understanding and healing the past in order to heal whatever the present unresolved issue is;
– Healing houses and places of unwanted energies, including earthbound spirits.

Cancer is often a state of great imbalance and stress.  Finding and healing the original stress triggers can greatly assist your healing and help stop it from re-occurring.   It is not a replacement for conventional treatment, but an aide to give it much less chance of returning a second time. These are some of the triggers to look at:-
–  Adjust Your Diet to Suit Your Body – Balance the minerals, vitamins, fluids and bowel flora in your body through your food (and supplements where necessary).
–  Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress – These can deplete your body of vital energy, so it is wise to eliminate as much of them as possible from your home and work environment.  There are low-cost ways to do this. sleeping or working over underground streams, or excessive use of the microwave;
–  Unresolved Emotional Issues – these can literally fester inside you and cause a lot of stress to your body.  Facing and healing them is such a relief!

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