Lorraine Cullen

Lorraine Cullen

I.S. Hom Registered Homeopath

Lorraine Cullen

Lorraine Cullen has been a practising homeopath since 2005 and has begun providing her services to Only Natural over the past 12 months. She says that the power of Homeopathy never fails to amaze her.  It is quite unique in its ability to reach beyond the physical to the emotional and mental realms and restores the overall sense of wellbeing. It introduces  a renewed zest for life and it doesn’t get much better than that!

People often ask her about the benefits of Homeopathy and are particularly interested in what illnesses it can treat.  Well, quite simply, it can treat most illnesses and complaints that you might consider bringing to your GP. The essential difference between the two disciplines is that Homeopathy is a natural medicine of great finesse.  In other words, it does not create side effects that require further treatment and medication.


Therapy Schedule

“It was Autumn 2000 and I was casting an eye over the list of evening classes due to start in the local secondary school. ‘An Introduction to Homeopathy’ caught my eye and I thought that’s the one for me. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about Homeopathy I felt drawn to it and for the next 6 weeks for 2 hours each Wednesday evening I was captivated and enthralled by this wonderful natural medicine. I learned that it was safe, effective, had no side effects and it treated not only physical symptoms but the mental and emotional state also! The 6 weeks flew by but I was hooked and needed to know more so I applied to study Homeopathy at Milltown Park College in Dublin – it was a 4 year part-time course and I started in Sept 2001. I graduated in 2005, set up my practice and completed a post graduate course in 2006.

Lorraine offers free Homeopathic mini consults once a month in Only Natural.

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