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Marianne has a healthy regard for food and its life sustaining properties.

She is primarily concerned with the prevention and treatment of illness through proper dietary and nutritional supplements. She comes from a medical background having qualified as a general nurse and midwife. Marianne has been working in the area of complementary medicine for the past twenty years. Through her work she promotes sensible eating habits. She is driven to improve people’s quality of life by improvements to their diets and nutritional education.

Marianne is the mother of a grown up family and her approach to a healthy lifestyle is both practical and achievable. She is passionate about motivating people to take control of their own health.

Therapy Schedule

Marianne Madden – Qualifications

S.R.N.  Qualified Reg Nurse trained in Sir Patrick Duns Hospital Dublin .

S.C.M. Qualified Reg Midwife St James Hospital Dublin

M.A.R. Diploma in Reflexology from Ann Power School of Reflexology

C.I.B.T.A.C.  1.T.E.C.  Diploma from Coogan/ Bergin College of Therapy

Iridology   Dipolma from School of Medical Iridology


Marianne has been working in the field of Alternate Medicine for over 20 years and the reason she became involved was that she found that diet and nutrition could help the body heal itself. Finally Marianne would like you to note that Alternative  and  Conventional  Medicine  can work along side one another.

Marianne has clinics in Health Stores in Carlow / Athy / Laois / Enniscorthy and Wexford.

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