Nichola Forrest

Nichola Forrest


Nichola Forrest Nutritionist

Nichola Forrest, whom you’ve probably heard on South East Radio as well as met in the shop has worked for  in Only Natural for many years now and every day I hear her pass on her philosophy to customers. Nichola strongly believes that a diet based on a balanced selection of wholesome, unrefined foods HAS to be the starting point of any correctional or maintenance health program and one of Nichola’s specialist areas is that of gut health. She lives the life she advocates and her advice and guidance are understandably in much demand. She runs a clinic from Only Natural every Tuesday. She can be contacted on 087 6196831. An initial consultation can last up to 90 minutes costs €60 and follow up consultations €40.

Therapy Schedule

I’ve always been interested in food and healthy eating but I think my journey into nutritional therapy started because of digestive problems I’d had since childhood. While working as a secondary school teacher in a pretty high stress environment I frequently suffered from abdominal pain, alternating diarrhoea and constipation and general fatigue – I was only 25 years old! I happened to attend a lecture given by Patrick Holford, saw how diet and health were so inextricably linked and I think my passion was ignited from that time on.

So I took the big step of packing in teaching to study Nutritional Therapy full time. I studied under Richard Burton in the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health in Bray and, since qualifying in 2007, I’ve been a full member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI). Shortly after this I started working in Only Natural which has been an ideal situation for me. I get to keep up with the latest advances in Nutritional Science and put my knowledge to practical use for the support of our customers every day.

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