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Nichola Forrest, whom you’ve probably heard on South East Radio as well as met in the shop has worked for  in Only Natural for many years now and every day I hear her pass on her philosophy to customers. Nichola strongly believes that a diet based on a balanced selection of wholesome, unrefined foods HAS to be the starting point of any correctional or maintenance health program and one of Nichola’s specialist areas is that of gut health. She lives the life she advocates and her advice and guidance are understandably in much demand. She runs a clinic from Only Natural every Tuesday. She can be contacted on 087 6196831. An initial consultation can last up to 90 minutes costs €60 and follow up consultations €40.

Therapy Schedule

Therapy Method

As a result of my own past I have a strong interest in digestion and digestive complaints. In a consultation I take a full history from a client and highlight areas where improvement can be made in dietary but also general lifestyle choices. There is often much debate over the topic of food intolerance and whether or not it’s a valid science. In my opinion in a world of highly processed foods, overuse of antibiotics, excess stress and inadequate sleep, it comes as no surprise that people’s digestive tracts get confused and reactions to foods can ensue.

Nutritional Therapy is not a ‘Magic Bullet’ but in my experience it can really help to empower people who aren’t ‘sick’ but still suffer from a variety of health complaints. For such people it’s often one of the roads to a better quality of life.

On a greater level, I firmly believe that optimum nutrition, when supplied to the body, can really help to create a very high level of health and wellbeing and, for this reason, I also love working with athletes and sports people to help them reach their full potential in their individual sports. For these people meeting protein needs is vital for growth and recovery as are proper hydration and general quality of food. I try to practice what I preach and here are a few key tips that have helped me boost by energy and wellbeing:

1 I have a vegetable juice every morning e.g. carrot, beetroot and ginger, cucumber, kale, kiwi and lemon.
2 I always eat protein with breakfast e.g. eggs, turkey sausages, nut butters.
3 I eat 4 small meals a day including vegetables or salad with all of them e.g. tuna salad with quinoa, lamb chops with roasted sweet potato and red onion or broccoli.
4 I drink lots of water and avoid tea, coffee and sugar as much as possible (very hard …..).

I’m not saying that what I do is necessary for everyone but I do believe that, if you feel you could improve your diet and lifestyle to live a healthier and happier life, then it’s up to you TO DO IT!
And I’m here to help.

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