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Holistic and Spiritual healer and guide Tina Wilkins founder of Spirit Essence offers many different readings and practices here in Only Natural. For a personalised session or to book an appointment contact Tina on 089 702 0235 and she will be able to advise what treatment is right for you.

Tina Wilkins wants to share with us some simple things that anyone can do to introduce some positive energy and healing into our daily lives. In today’s society I think we could all do with a bit of extra positivity and these tips added to over time won’t take much time out of your day but may make you feel that little bit more positive about life!

As we enter the 2nd half of the year, I’ve at last started to feel more settled.  How about you? I’d like to talk about synchronicity and coincidence this month. You may have read my past contributions and read that I’m a firm believer in the universe/nature sending us signs, signals and messages.

I’d like to share one of my recent experiences. I’m still on enforced rest and so I see clients at their request. Last week I took part in a crystal healing and whilst researching the relevance of Calcite, found a description that mentioned Brown Calcite. I’ve been working with crystals now for the last 20 years and had never come across this, so imagine when I visited the shop and headed to the crystal corner to see what treasures I can find. There was some Brown Calcite! I chose a piece to add to my healing collection and felt so much appreciation for the guidance I receive every day.

Tina Wilkins Spirirt Essence

The pieces in the shop are quite unusual as Calcite mainly grows in masses (crystalline) or rhombohedral, scalenohedral or prismatic crystals. It is rarely striated as these pieces are and as such this adds to the properties of Brown Calcite. They have a very powerful vibration, the lines help the electrical flow of energy which aids in integrating all the higher energies which is happening this year (hence the topsy turvy weather and difficulties with balance and focus in ourselves and globally.) They are great at helping you realise your creative potential, harnessing positive intentions and moving into new circumstances, situations  with ease. They assist in integrating the old with the new. Very powerful and if any of this resonates with you, then go get yourself a piece.

So back to synchronicity, when we notice co-incidences, whether they be seeing the same people or a word, colour, flower, etc; hearing a piece of music, having a conversation, then hearing the topic again somewhere else, pay attention as this is the universe collaborating with you, sending you signs that you are in the flow, an affirmation to keep going. On that note I’ll leave you with one of my favourite affirmations, “Everything is always working out for me, I trust in the process of life.” Affirmations have a powerful vibration, as do our thoughts, so be kind to yourself and pay attention to the world around you and the guidance available . Enjoy a beautiful month.
Tina x
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