nourishes intensively damaged hair, soothes the scalp.

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Dr. Hauschka


Restores shine controls frizz. Revitalises and restores dry, damaged, permed or colour treated hair to a soft, silky condition. This intensive hair treatment renews and strengthens hair follicles while calming the scalp. Hair becomes healthy, shiny and more manageable.

The composition with neem, chamomile, wheat germ oil and rosemary intensively nourishes the hair and soothes the scalp

The Hair Oil harnesses the revitalising strengths of medicinal plant extracts to give the hair more volume, silky smoothness and natural shine.

Directly protects the hair against dry sauna air, sun, salt water and similar

The focus lies on caring for the scalp and regulating and strengthening the oil/sebum production Using the oil quickly benefits dry, damaged hair, which becomes healthier over the long term due to strengthening the scalp.



Recommended Use:

As a treatment for use before shampooing: dampen the hair and scalp then massage in the Hair Oil. Cover with a towel and leave to take effect for about 20 minutes or overnight in the case of extremely damaged hair or a highly stressed scalp. Next, wash twice. After shampooing: nourish the tips of the hair by applying a very small amount of Hair Oil to them (the hair should be slightly damp or dry). Do not wash out. We recommend using the Hair Oil once per week or more often if required.


Top Tip: Hair Oil can be applied as necessary and integrated into the Dr.Hauschka hair care regime at different stages. If prone to oily roots, shake a little Silk Body Powder into the palm and vigorously tousle through the hair.

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