Staying Well This Winter, Some Product Updates

Winter’s on the way

And it’s time to think of how to stay well during the more challenging season ahead. We’ve given you the basics before. You know to eat well, to stay active and to keep mentally positive. You know about all the supplements that can keep your immune system fighting fit and we all have our favourites, from elderberry to olive leaf, from zinc to coltsfoot and from Manuka honey to probiotics.

So this time we thought we’d focus on the latest developments with just two of the most important winter supplements, Echinacea and vitamin D, what’s on the shelves and why we recommend them.


Firstly lets look at Echinacea, long revered and used by native Americans and first introduced to these shores in the 1980s. It soon became and still is a much loved and trusted herbal immune booster and has kept many a cold, flu and other infection at bay over the years.

In the last few years a home grown brand called Irish Botanica has appeared on the scene and has already gained a mighty reputation and a huge following. It’s one of a small but growing number of herbal tinctures and compounds brought to market by Irish herbalist David Foley. I spoke to David to get a sense why he chose to introduce an other range of tinctures to the Irish market and what was the ethos behind them. His answers were refreshingly simple.

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