Nichola Forrest

Nichola Forrest, whom you’ve probably met in the shop has worked  in Only Natural for many years now and every day I hear her pass on her philosophy to customers. Nichola strongly believes that a diet based on a balanced selection of wholesome, unrefined foods HAS to be the starting point of any correctional or maintenance health program and one of Nichola’s specialist areas is that of gut health. She lives the life she advocates and her advice and guidance are understandably in much demand.

She runs a clinic from Only Natural and can be contacted on 087 6196831. An initial consultation can last up to 90 minutes costs €60 and follow up consultations €40.

Anna Skrine

Anna Skrine offers a Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Clinic here in Only Natural on a weekly basis. Anna also makes use of  her extensive background in naturopathic medicine to recommend healing dietary and lifestyle changes to improve or overcome many common ailments.  A test costs €65 for 1 hour. Anna also offers Healing Through Visualization.  Unresolved emotional problems are stored in the subconscious, and its language is in images.  This is why working with visualization is such a successful and profound method in safely getting to the core of a problem, and helping with its healing. A session costs €60 (1 hr).

Life After Cancer is about addressing the problems that led to the cancer in the first place in order to help stop it from re-occuring – whether the problems were emotional, nutritional, environmental, or a combination of these. Your body is extremely wise, and is programmed to heal you if given the right conditions. A session costs €60 (1 hr).

Jenny Barry

Jenny Barry BSc (hons), one of our on-site therapists provides some much needed service of the body, mind and soul.

Jenny qualified in London (1998), Dublin, Limerick and Kilkenny, has 22 years experience and offers deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, reflexology, waxing and facials.

You can find Jenny in the shop on Mondays and Thursdays and she can be contacted for appointments on 086 876 5326.

Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas is available for Tarot and Angel Card readings in Only Natural every Saturday from 11am to 6pm. A personal reading can provide insight, illumination and may also introduce a new wisdom to the current situation!

His approach is one of healing and gentle guidance through the challenges you are facing at the moment. You may find that you can develop a new perspective as you assess possible choices and potential outcomes.

Self empowerment is an important component of confident decision making. A reading can arm you with knowledge and insight into your goal, helping you find your perfect path, thus giving you a new freedom to influence your own destiny.
To make a booking contact the shop on 053 912 3236 or if you are in town, walk-ins are always welcome.


Mark says:

Empathy, compassion and a safe healing space can be a welcome relief from the demands of this busy world. My approach is one of healing and a dedication to help guide others along the path of life, especially when seeking a new direction, feeling stuck in routines that don’t work or trying to overcome great changes and loss. Tarot and Angel Card readings are an important feature of my healing practice as they are the perfect tool for developing spiritual healing and inner growth. Your connection with spirit can help you to find answers and guidance on matters of the heart, career, goals and life’s challenges.

When you consult with me for solutions to the test you face at the moment, I am committed to faithfully deliver messages displayed through the reading and relay spiritual guidance, inner awareness, understanding and special intuitive insights in a practical, confidential and judgement free way. There is more going on than meets the eye and I try to help you gain extra insight and a new perspective on those truths which aren’t easily visible. Over the years, I have also received training in Reiki to Master Level, Energy Management, Astrology and Numerology.  My personal daily spiritual practice includes Meditation and Yoga.

Readings take 30 to 45 minutes and cost €30.