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Heart Health Testing In Only Natural

Ger touched on the Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity Testing aka Arteriograph Test briefly in his March Monthly Update so we are now delighted to let you know that we have set a date for Declan Murphy of Heart Health Matters to carry out the Arteriograph Test in Only Natural on Friday 5th April.

This test is a non-invasive method for a comprehensive diagnosis of the cardiovascular system and is used to assess the level of aorta (main blood vessel) stiffness. Increased stiffness of your aorta increases the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. By analysing the stiffness of your aorta it is possible to assess your risk of heart disease long before symptoms physically appear.

The test will take about half an hour to complete and costs €50, results will be printed and explained and a copy given to take away. Booking is essential and there are guidelines to follow before the test so to make an appointment or for more information contact the shop 053 912 3236.

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Healthy Heart Naturally – more than COQ10 and Fish Oils Supplements?


As Ireland continues on the road to becoming Europe’s most obese nation avoidable deaths and diminished quality of life due to heart disease are still part of our health climate. Better heart health is achievable through lifestyle choices and, where applicable, preventative and remedial supplementation. Coronary heart disease involves damage and narrowing of arteries and veins resulting in the heart having a more difficult job to fulfill its function of pumping blood around the body resulting in an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Firstly reduce your exposure to the risk factors that predispose to heart disease. These include being overweight, smoking, excessive stress, insufficient exercise, raised cholesterol and diabetes.

A heart healthy diet includes lots of whole grains and vegetables, healthy fats from fish and vegetable sources, soluble fibre to both regulate the digestion and reduce cholesterol (oats and oat products like oat bran and oatcakes come to mind here) and heart healthy herbs such as garlic and turmeric.
Hawthorn is a very effective and quick acting remedy for high blood pressure.
If elevated cholesterol is a problem due to lifestyle or hereditary causes Red Yeast Rice (taken with COQ10 which is sometimes included in the supplement), Plant Sterol tablets (Irish made brand Zerochol comes to mind) and Soya Lecithin can all be beneficial.

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Ensure healthy levels of both calcium and magnesium. Calcium aids the heart’s read more →

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