Ger’s October 18 Monthly Update

Ger's Monthly Update Only Natural

I do love a good Show

The Vitality Expo in the RDS in early September (you know the one, I harped on incessantly to get you all to go!) was brilliant. For me some of the highlights included the zero waste talks which made me want more than ever to make that ethos central to Only Natural (watch this space, plans are afoot). The sooner the collective penny drops and we all realize that our use and throw away lifestyles just aren’t sustainable, the sooner we stand a chance of keeping our world habitable. Yes by all means get yourself a buy now trendy keep cup (and be proud that you did, the ocean is made up of drops) but see it as a jumping off point and let the consciousness slowly pervade your life, how you dress, what you eat, where you holiday, one facet at a time.

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