Aromatherapy for Detox

Armatheraphy for Detox Lavender
This the season for detox and, while many of us know about herbs to promote the body’s cleansing process, we’re less likely to think of using aromatherapy. Ellen from Atlantic Aromatics, whose excellent essential oils we’ve sold from the very beginning of Only Natural, put her thoughts on the matter together for us and here they are. So have a read and get blending, use the relaxing and mood balancing properties of essential oils to make your new year detox all the more pleasurable and effective.

Aromatherapy and Detox

Detox is a word we hear a lot about in general these days and while there may be mixed messages about detoxing (especially in marketing blurb promoting the magical detox effects of a certain product) it does suggest that people are thinking about their health which is good.  Let’s try to get a bit of clarity about this matter.

Detoxification is “the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or more readily excretable substances” (   Our organs all play a part in this process:, sweat from skin, urine from kidneys, C02 from our lungs etc.  Effectively this means we are detoxifying all the time, yeahhhh!  A healthy diet, daily exercise and balanced lifestyle all have a vital role to play in reducing toxins and therefore making the natural ongoing process of detoxifying less of a burden on the body and the organs performing this metabolic process.

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