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Recipe of the Month Vegan Wellington with Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Happy Pear Vegan Wellington Christmas Dinner
Dale Pinnock Christmas Dinner
This year again we’ve scoured the internet for the best recipes with which to grace your Christmas table. On Emma’s recommendation we tried, and loved, the Happy Pear’s ‘Beet Wellington’ and Michelle admitted to a serious fondness for Dale Pinnock’s Garlic and Paprika Butter roasted Brussels Sprouts. In the first we have a mix of sautéed and grated vegetables mixed with some nuts, couscous and a little seasoning enveloped in puff pastry (or not if you’re coeliac, read on) and baked to make a Christmas centrepiece to be proud of while Dales’s simple treatment of the humble Brussels Sprout elevates them with the help of butter, oil, spices and an oven into an unctuous, umami rich side dish that might just be too good to keep for Christmas.

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