We made it through another Christmas and another year! Now as we pass through the thin veil into 2020 we leave the difficulties of 2019 behind and allow a new hope to enter our lives. January takes it’s name from Janus, God of gateways and doorways, he who represents all beginnings, and because of his two faces, has the ability to see all things past and future. This January is particularly special as it also marks the beginning of a new decade.

This will be a decade of great transformation, an opportunity to confront our fears and affirm our wisdom. It brings fresh evolutionary energy for all people, continuing and uninterrupted enlightenment of both Spirit and Emotion, and, great technological advances which will make many old technologies obsolete. We are crossing a threshold; past challenges will be confronted. Civilisation needs some remedies, societal structures require a review and we will discover how to reorder priorities and examine new perspectives and values.

The Ace of Wands is a perfect card for this new beginning as it represents true potential of all things. This is not just the first card of the suit of wands, it symbolically contains all of the succeeding minor arcana cards, each card of each suit gradually unfolding from within this powerful Ace. The Divine hand presents the wand to us in a flash of brilliance. This is the wand of Divine fire, the very life source containing all the fuel for all the seeds which will grow in our future as our lives unfold. We are invited to receive this new energy so that we may develop in a natural form in keeping with our true destiny.

Traditionally, this card represents summer, a time when the Sun is at the height of it’s powers and growth is in full flourish all around us, however, it is even more appropriate as a representative of mid-Winter. Now is the time where nature is planning for new growth in the seasons to follow. Seeds lie dormant in cold soil, waiting patiently for that silent and secret trigger which will start a new cycle of life. That is the true meaning of potential, currently unseen and possibly unknowable before the initiations begin. This is the highest Divine Power being released directly into the manifest universe. The Ace of Wands is associated with Archangel Michael in all his glory as the Creator’s most elevated Divine contact for humans. He stood strong in the face of extreme hostility, maintaining the Creator’s Divine Plan and His authority. He is the leading advocate of all created beings and as such is very responsive to genuine and heartfelt requests for support through difficult times.

During this coming decade we will be “invited” to release immature, self-sabotaging and self-destructive behaviour. As we pass through each challenge we will find opportunities to support others instead of just helping ourselves. Through on-going acts of empowering others, we can stimulate new expressions of humanity and actively develop greater conscious awareness. On a personal level we can prepare to act on our desires, plan for our future in all areas of our life and still have time and energy to reinforce and better society, and to observe and correct inequalities and inefficiencies as they become more visible.

This January we can refine our aspirations and focus on our essential purpose. It is a time to adjust our ambitions to cope with the limitations of material resources and revise our list of things to cultivate versus the things we would more wisely shed.
2020 is the warm-up exercise for the decade to follow, it’s tests will help build a new inner strength while encouraging the development of skills we can share with others. This is an opportunity to focus our ambition and to make important changes and adjustments within all personal relationships. Maintain values, stick to higher principles, all will be well!

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