book Ben imageRecently a few of us  attended a Viridian training evening. It was particularly interesting as it was given by Ben Brown. Ben is a naturopath, science writer and speaker. He teaches nutritional medicine and speaks internationally as well as being a regular contributor to industry magazines and scientific journals. He works in natural product research and development, primarily with Viridian. He founded (well worth checking out!) to connect people with free, evidence based health information focussing on natural and lifestyle medicine for chronic disease prevention and the promotion of optimal health.

The training focused on the findings in Ben’s recently published book ‘The Digestive Health Solution’, an easy to read and informative look at the latest and most proven diet, lifestyle and supplement treatments for IBS and other common digestive ailments. The book was born from Ben’s own experience of post infection IBS caused by travel bugs ingested while travelling in North Africa. After his experience Ben embarked on a course of research on all the latest theories of natural healthcare for the digestive system. ‘The Digestive Health Solution’ is the result of this research as is Viridian’s new, high spec range of natural digestive aids including high potency probiotics, a slow released peppermint oil capsule for digestive comfort, and a kiwi and aloe capsule for a deep colonic cleanse.

The book covers topics such as Banish bad bugs and balance your bacteria, Clear constipation and reboot your system, Rewire the nerves of your gut brain axis (you’ll be amazed at the digestion/mood link!) and Uncover secret problem foods.

We currently have copies of ‘The Digestive Health Solution’ which retail at €20.50. However we’re giving it away free with a €50 spend on the new range or we’re happy to sell the book and later refund the cost of it with the same €50 spend.

However, what most excites us is that Ben is coming to give a talk on the content of his book in Wexford. That’s a while away yet, not until the evening of Friday June 26th to be precise, and we’ll be giving you lots of reminders before the event but if your life, or the life of someone you know, is blighted by serious digestive problems, please put the date in your diary or just come in and talk to one of our staff.