digestion picAs this month is all about Digestion we thought it would be a good idea to show that if you improve digestive issues it can have a knock on effect on other symptoms too.
The below case study has been provided by Nichola Forrest, one of our in-house Nutritional Therapists and this month’s Therapist of the Month:
I find that if you fix the gut first by improving the diet and using appropriate supplements often other symptoms can disappear too. The following case study might highlight this further:
Sarah was a 35 year old mother of two who came to me complaining of IBS symptoms including bloating, cramping and constipation as well as recurrent sinusitis and ongoing fatigue. Over a few months we removed dairy (milk, yoghurts and chocolate were her favourites!) and supported her digestion with some digestive enzymes and probiotics. We found that she could tolerate brown bread but that yeasty, white sliced pan aggravated the IBS symptoms. She was fortunate in that her sinus problems disappeared when she cut her dairy intake right down but the constipation and fatigue continued. Once we introduced a magnesium supplement in the evenings both of these symptoms improved considerably.