Ivy honey, a new honey for winter.

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Early medicinal texts have highlighted Ivy’s importance as a healer since the 10th Century. It found particular use in the reduction in swelling of the lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver as an anti-inflammatory. More recently, sheep and cattle farmers would feed ivy to “sick” animals. In fact sick animals would often choose to only eat ivy leaves. Nowadays, ivy is sold all over the world as a natural, safe and effective remedy for persistent cough.  
Now there’s a new way to benefit from ivy’s bronchial protective properties in a new honey in Only Natural – BeeActiv Raw Ivy Honey. Conan (academic, beekeeper and founder of the Company) explained some of the science to me.

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There have been many scientific studies into the healing and curative benefits of ivy. These have mostly centred around the use of ivy as either an anti-inflammatory or to treat respiratory diseases. The latter has gained the most acceptance in modern medicine. The positive response from users of ivy products is due to compounds naturally present in the plant. The plant saponins “Hederacoside-C” and “alpha-hederin” are believed responsible for this cough relieving efficacy. Importantly, new research into ivy honey has shown that the unique compound “Hederacoside C” is present in pure ivy honey from Ireland and the unique benefits of ivy honey are attributed to this.


The honey has been creamed and has a delicious flavour so, apart completely from helping with coughs and chesty conditions, spreading a little Hederacoside C on your toast in the morning makes for a rather tasty treat! A 227 gram jar retails for €12.95.