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Ann Moran no longer works from Only Natural
and can be contacted on 087 170 9024 for appointments.

In a month when we’ve seen some new staff come on board in Only Natural, Ann, whom you know from the shop floor has decided to move away from that role to focus solely on her Therapies.  For this reason we’re making Ann our therapist of the month to make sure you all know about her unique abilities in this area.  Ann will continue to offer her services including holistic massage, Dr. Hauschka facials and body massage, Indian Head Massage and Reiki, all backed up, as you can see below, by a unique spiritual approach. From working with Ann I can say in all sincerity that she is a truly caring person and ideally suited to this type of work and we look forward to working with her for many years to come. Ann will continue to keep Tuesdays as her main appointments day in Only Natural but will do her utmost to accommodate anyone wanting to see her at other times. Appointments can be made through the shop or directly to Ann on 087 170 9024.

In Anns words:

My career in Beauty Therapy started out in early 1990’s when I went to study Beauty and Body Therapy at Bronwyn Conroys in Grafton Street. I loved the idea of helping people not only feel good about themselves but look good too.  It was while I was in the middle of this course studying Anatomy & Physiology that gave me my fascination with the body systems & how the body actually works.  I have always had a huge interest in anything natural and organic and have always used a Holistic approach while treating specific skin conditions.  I have worked with many leading skin care brands both in Ireland and abroad, but one of my all time favourites is Dr. Hauschka which is 100% organic.

I also learned our bodies have an amazing ability to heal, and it was this fascination that led me to explore further with more courses in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing and to link the very strong mind/body connection I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy, Time Line Therapy and also
a programme specifically for kids.  The mind body connection is where my true passion lies as I believe we can have a lot of trapped emotions stored in the body and mind.

My work can revolve around releasing these emotions; reading the feet, treating skin conditions or a soothing massage for stress/aches & pains.  I tailor a programme for each individual.  Some examples of painful emotions are: anger, sadness, fear and guilt.  Both unwanted negative emotions and limiting beliefs influence every area of our lives.  So why not enjoy feeling better – how you should feel?

Yours in Health & Happiness,