Finola Foley
I first met Finola Foley about a year ago at one of the first meetings of Holistic Wexford, a recently formed group of complimentary therapists from all over County Wexford with the aim of mutual support for its members and promoting both individual members and Wexford as a ‘healing destination’. Finola herself is a Kinesiologist.
Kinesiology is the study of muscles, and the science of testing and balancing them to restore equilibrium. Applied Kinesiology means that we apply the information that the muscles can tell us about the mind and body to facilitate the healing process. This is really a method of tapping in to one of the body’s biofeedback mechanisms. It is used in a gentle, non-invasive therapy (no needles!) and can be used with success to help in the treatment of virtually all types of problems.
This in her own words is the story of Finola’s own development and what it is that she offers today:
Beginning my career path after college in Architecture, I spent many years designing modern design and commercial interiors. Slowly ill health crept into my life and an unexplainable pain in my stomach along with chronic fatigue. Very fortunately for me I came across a Kinesiologist who gave me incredible insight and understanding as to what was happening with my body. It became a life changing experience and opened up the door to a whole new world of the healing arts.

Travelling to Canada to immerse myself in Complimentary and Alternative Healing Arts. I attended the Robert Schad Naturopathic clinic as both client and student attending regular seminars. A regular visitor to Roncesville Healing Centre to participate in Healing Workshops, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Jung Dream Consciousness, yoga, dance and good will volunteer community projects.

This wonderful path of self exploration has since taken me to India to study yoga, Toronto to learn free expression dance, to Peru to immerse myself in Andean wisdom and the teaching of the Inca’s. I’ve been to the Amazon jungles to experience the cleansing medicine of mother nature. Attending regular advanced Kinesiology workshop in London, continually I am learning, growing, exploring and understanding.

Most exciting about my work is that I get to share what I have learned and it has helped so many people to understand their own body and life’s path. We are all our own healers, I am constantly healing myself and assisting others to help heal themselves.


Systematic Kinesiology

Founded by chiropractor  Dr. George Goodheart in 1964 who explored the wide scope of information gained through the body’s bio-feedback mechanism which is easily accessed through muscle testing. A kinesiologist’s job is to find where the imbalances are in the body and to then fix them.

Corrections include structural adjustments to correct postural misalignments which are very common after old injuries and accidents. Muscular corrections are done using lymphatic reflex massage, acupressure, bach flower remedies and nutritional stimulation such as herbs or minerals.

Nutritional advise is given to compliment food testing. Each person leaves with a greater sense of well being, stronger immune system and greater motivation to feel great everyday.

holistic haven logoBy visiting The Holistic Haven website you can find out how The Holistic Haven can help you using the tools of Systematic Kinesiology, Energy Therapy, Massage and Yoga.

Founded by myself Finola Foley in 2012 after battling through many years of ill health and only too happy to share the knowledge I have gained during this time. The world of Alternative Healing has become a great passion for me, particularly with the tools of Kinesiology & Energy Therapy which gives incredible information as to the cause of illnesses.

Best Wishes

Finola Foley

You can contact Finola at:
The Holistic Haven, Grange Villa, Fethard-on-Sea, New Ross; Tel: 087 364 1540; Email:; Facebook: The Holistic Haven; Twitter: @HolisticHavn1