Lorraine no longer works from Only Natural, you can contact her directly on
087 9320521 or by email on for more information or make appointments.

Our featured therapist this month is Lorraine Cullen whom we’ve just started working with. Lorraine is kind enough to come to Only Natural from time to time to offer our customers a free clinic service which is an ideal opportunity for you to find out if Homoeopathy is for you.

Lorraine’s next visit is on Thursday 30th October from 11am to 1pm. Click here for more details. This is Lorraine’s story in her own words.

“It was Autumn 2000 and I was casting an eye over the list of evening classes due to start in the local secondary school. ‘An Introduction to Homeopathy’ caught my eye and I thought that’s the one for me. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about Homeopathy I felt drawn to it and for the next 6 weeks for 2 hours each Wednesday evening I was captivated and enthralled by this wonderful natural medicine. I learned that it was safe, effective, had no side effects and it treated not only physical symptoms but the mental and emotional state also! The 6 weeks flew by but I was hooked and needed to know more so I applied to study Homeopathy at Milltown Park College in Dublin – it was a 4 year part-time course and I started in Sept 2001.

I graduated in 2005, set up my practice and completed a post graduate course in 2006. I am passionate about Homeopathy, I love the way it treats the whole person. For example if we are distressed, angry or anxious about something we have a tendency, for various reasons, not to address the issue as it is often simpler to suppress the emotion rather than express it. However, the body is extremely clever and will not allow us to hide from ourselves so it will manifest a physical symptom that we cannot possibly ignore. During a consultation your Homeopath will look beyond the physical symptom and see what is going on in your life – what is the stress trigger? – and will prescribe accordingly.

I have seen numerous cases over the years where a client will present with symptoms of feeling low, out of sorts, out of kilter, lack of interest and lack of motivation. They will often say that they know they need help but don’t want to go down the route of antidepressants. Once the correct remedy is prescribed it will alleviate the symptoms and put the spring back into their step. Feedback during follow up consultations usually includes phrases like ‘I have clarity at last….I had lost hope but am enjoying life once again…renewed energy…peace of mind….sleeping soundly’. The remedy provides nurturing, stability and grounding by bringing us back into balance.

It would be impossible to list all the conditions that Homeopathy can treat but some of the more common ones are stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, fatigue, headaches, period and fertility problems, pregnancy related and menopausal conditions, children’s illnesses, respiratory tract illnesses, urinary tract problems and skin conditions. It may also be effective where there is no specific diagnosis.

Adults and children alike respond beautifully to Homeopathic treatment. These days children and teenagers are under more pressure than in any previous generation, stress which they are often ill equipped to cope with, due to their tender age and lack of experience. Children who are trying to come to terms with divorced parents for example, teenagers facing the terror of Leaving Cert exams and all the other issues that come with growing up. A Homeopathic remedy can give them the grounding and the security that they badly need to get them through their particular stress. One woman described it as a ‘hug in a bottle’ and that just about sums it up!

If you would like more information on Homeopathy or are wondering if it could help you please pop in to see me for a chat in Only Natural. You can also contact Lorraine directly on 087 9320521 or by email on