Nuala Ronan

Nuala and I have been close friends for many years now and, when she suggested I share some information on her newly devised development technique ‘The Truth Session’ I found myself happy to do so and you’re reading the results now. So today off I went to Evolv to experience ‘The Truth Session’ for myself.

The process takes three hours during which time Nuala and I sat in a small comfortable room replete with art supplies above the shop.

The process is simple.  Under Nuala’s intuitive guidance the subject is encouraged to make a visual representation in both pictures and words of any behaviour, coping mechanisms etc. possibly picked up from those around us, family members etc. at a very early stage in life and often serving no valid purpose for ourselves today. One of the purposes of the technique is to highlight these learned responses for what they are, i.e. the ‘baggage’ that we took on from our parents and others which, because it’s not really serving any real purpose of our own, can and should be put out of our lives.
Now for the fun bit!  Nuala encourages me to choose my favourites from among the more vibrant, cheerfully coloured pens and markers and, again under her gentle guidance, I’m encouraged to draw a visual representation of my ‘ideal life’ of which certain aspects have always eluded me. These could be the career I always felt I should have had, the perfect partner I never met, the years I never spent doing aid work in Namibia or the children I never had! I thoroughly enjoyed this though my aspirations were relatively modest and I entered into drawing and visualizing with some gusto.

And so you have it, in the course of a few hours light has been shed on both the inherited negative behaviours and attitudes that stop us reaching our full divine potential in this life and a tantalizing view is offered of what could be if we choose to transcend them.

So now you have the choice, either to leave things as they are or to invite change for the better and dance to some new music. Should you choose the latter you aren’t left to your own devices either. The session ends with Nuala’s provision of the tools necessary to embrace change and manifest the life portrayed in the brighter of the two pictures RIGHT NOW. These comprise a set of affirmations, mantras, prayers and visualizations and exercises (including journaling) to be faithfully followed over a forty day period during which you’re encouraged to let go of your outmoded ways of dealing with life and live the life divinely meant for you.

The session costs €150 inclusive of any follow up help or advice to complete the process. If you feel that you’re not living the life you were meant to and want some help to understand why this is so and to start living how you WERE meant to, then ‘The Truth Session’ might be for you.

I certainly left Nuala with confidence in the future!


Now here is Nuala’s own take on her technique:
I see myself as an Intuitive, Spiritual counsellor, Teacher of “the art of manifesting course” and creator of “The Truth Session”. I am a channel of the Divine higher consciousness energy which is named ‘Shiva’. My work has developed and evolved over the years which has now been condensed into a three hour session “The Truth Session” whereby you the client are invited to come on a journey of self-discovery, self-realisation and self-empowerment. This session is for truth seekers and for those who are ready to embark on a spiritual quest. I believe we are the creators of our own reality and that our life is a mirror of our beliefs, and because some of these beliefs are unconscious and unseen we often feel that life is throwing the worst possible outcome and circumstances in our way. This makes us feel powerless and we often struggle to understand why certain things will simply not come through for us. We feel a victim of our circumstances and we sometimes feel in certain areas of our life we have no success no matter how hard we try, where other areas are very successful without having to try at all – we scratch our heads and wonder why!

You see I believe that the unconscious mind has strong and solid beliefs which often determine the outcome of our career, relationships, finances, spirituality, creativity and our general happiness in our lives.

In this three hour session I bring you to a place of understanding by channelling the correct process for you to bypass the logic mind and work purely through divine mind to reveal to you all your negative beliefs that are creating your reality that is causing you unhappiness and frustration. Not only will you discover your unconscious negative beliefs but you will also discover the life you know you are destined to live rather than the life you think you should live, it is exciting, exhilarating and incredibly empowering.

I like to describe the session as “walking in to the session as one person, and walking out as another”.

When you leave the session you will have with you a blueprint for your new life and a plan of action and a real understanding of how your mind creates your reality. I will give you the tools to work with and help you to change your life and reach your highest potential. Every person has a different purpose, a different agenda and ‘the truth session’ works on your purpose, your agenda and that is what makes this session so important, because it is tailor-made for you.

Are YOU ready to have a magnificent life??? For further information or to make an appointment to see Nuala you can contact us her at Only Natural on 053 9123236.