Last year we posted about the most used and effective natural hayfever remedies and, (guess what?) it’s that time of year again so here’s a brief update on that information.

The really good news is that New Era Biochemic Tissue Salts are back on the shelves again after a long absence. The tissue salts, which are 12 in number, are akin to homoeopathic remedies.¬†We can thank Dr Willhelm Scheussler, a prominent 19th Century German doctor, for the “discovery” of tissue salts. He conducted research that established that each human cell contains 12 minerals or biochemic tissue salts when reduced to ashes, and that these minerals should be present in all living cells in perfect balance to ensure good health.

Combination H New EraThese 12 tissue salts and 18 combinations of them were available in health stores until the mid-1990s when the company that made them was taken over by a pharmaceutical company that had little interest in that part of the business and so these much loved remedies disappeared from the shelves. They’re all back including Combination H the gentle but very effective remedy for hayfever and allergic rhinitis. It was our go to remedy for hayfever and it’s wonderful to have it back.


Saltpipe imageHigher Nature’s Saltpipe also deserves a mention in this update. It’s an inhaler-type device which, when used for 15 to 20 minutes daily helps to cleanse the respiratory system and can benefit asthma, COPD, snoring and nasal congestion as well as hayfever.


So let’s hope there’s a good summer ahead and remember, if you normally suffer through the season, this year it doesn’t have to be the case!