Joint Health Image Newsletter

Here in Only Natural we recognise that managing and maintaining Joint Health is a concern for a large number of customers. So we have decided to run a Joint Health event instore this week. We have a number of special offers and in addition we are delighted to welcome Bríd from Solgar to our store here on Thursday 4th from 11am  to 2.30pm. She’s here to chat to you about your joint health concerns and she is offering customers a 1 week trial pack of Solgar 7 for free. Solgar 7 is one of the supplements we recommend to our customers for joint pain. To read a little more about Joint Health check out our Ailments section of our website.

Nichola Forrest, our nutritional advisor here in Only Natural was on South East Radio’s Morning Mix last Friday to discuss Joint Health with Alan. If you missed it you can listen here to her advice on the topic.