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Joint Health : natural solutions to pain and a free trial of one of our most effective products.
After a wet and miserable winter, arthritis and joint pain, so prevalent in Ireland, will have made their painful presence acutely felt to many sufferers. So we thought we’d remind you again of some of the lifestyle choices and natural remedies that can benefit sufferers from joint pain whether caused by a degenerative disease like arthritis or just as a consequence of an active lifestyle. Whatever the cause, don’t suffer in silence, natural supplements can prove just as effective for many as conventional treatments when it comes to joint support and pain relief.
Solgar 7Here is an overall view of joint pain remedies and how they can help and a product review of Solgar 7 one of the most popular and effective supplements for joint pain and discomfort. We’re also happy to announce that we have one week free samples of Solgar 7 (yes, some effect is often felt in the first 7 days, hence the name!). So if you feel you could benefit from Solgar 7 just come instore during March and ask for a one week free sample (Offer strictly limited to one free week’s sample per customer).