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We all begin the New Year with the best of intentions, vowing to ditch our bad habits for good. But already the last traces of willpower are fading away! The most popular resolutions relate to physical and emotional wellbeing, with people joining a gym or going jogging in the past two weeks, eating healthily or trying to loose weight.

#Kickstart16 is about a way of life, it’s about adapting a healthier approach to food and exercise all year round. Joyces Expert Wexford have teamed up with four industry experts to create a 5-day plan to kick start the New Year. We are working with Daron from Westgate Design, Nichola Forrest, Nutritional Therapist from Only Natural, Olly Gogarty, Fitness Instructor and Belinda Kehoe from Wexford Skin Clinic.

Together with these experts, we will provide followers of #Kickstart16 breakfast recipes, lunch suggestions, dinner recipes, exercise videos and nutritional information.

Westgate Design’s food philosophy is simple, they are passionate about serving healthy, nutritious food. They believe in using local produce when preparing their fresh food on a daily basis and they have created five recipes that you will enjoy doing at home! Nichola highlights that these are nutrient-rich, proper wholesome food that we can make part of our everyday lives. Wexford Skin Clinic will bring awareness about the role that nutrition plays in skin health and Olly Gogarty has created 5 fitness videos for you to follow at home. Olly believes that this initiative is an ideal opportunity to take on a user-friendly, practical and holistic programme to get you started on a path to better health.

Our recipes include: Chicken and Pesto Lasagne, Spiced Veggie Bean Casserole, Vegan Curry, Vegetable Shepherds Pie and Grilled Haddock with Sweet Potatoes. On Thursday we will provide you with a full shopping list for all dinner recipes and smoothies and on Friday we will post all recipes and exercise videos to take you through our 5-day programme.

This is not about deprivation, unrealistic work loads or superficial appearances, this is a genuine opportunity to do something life-changing for yourself using easy to follow steps that are based on common sense. If you really want to change your life for the better, #Kickstart16 is a simple but excellent way to do it!

#Kickstart16 starts on Monday 25th January, for more information #Kickstart16, tune into South East Radio at 11.30am each morning. Recipes, Nutritional information and videos will all be on www.onlynatrural.ie all participating experts websites, or follow us on Facebook.