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So you’ve come to the conclusion that what you put onto your body is just as the important as what you put into it. In Only Natural we agree with that and that’s why we’ve recently taken the Lavera range of organic cosmetics on. I don’t want to be alarmist but have to say that the potential for harm from some of the ingredients in mainstream skincare and cosmetic products is huge, ranging from ingredients that just block the body’s natural processes to those with potential hormone disrupting and carcinogenic properties. We think you want to feel and look great without going down that road and have chosen to offer Lavera natural cosmetics as a way to do just that!
Why Lavera? Firstly you can trust them, they have Natrue certification! NATRUE is a Brussels based international non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide. Founded in 2007, they provide a home to all true friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics and embrace all who commit to their high standards of quality and integrity. 

The NATRUE Label sets a high standard when it comes to defining the naturalness of cosmetic products. It helps consumers identity Natural and Organic Cosmetics truly worthy of that name.

So we’re guaranteed the naturalness of the products. Impressed so far? Who are Lavera?

Lavera is an award-winning range of natural and organic skincare and cosmetics formulated for sensitive and delicate skin. The story started in 1975 when Thomas Haase Thomas Haase Lavera image who had suffered from neurodermatitis, a little known skin disorder, from childhood, started to research natural skincare alternatives for his own condition. Lavera was born near Hanover in Germany in 1987 when Thomas had spent more than ten years of research and cosmetic development. The name comes from the Latin for ‘Truth’ and is a testimony to Lavera’s philosophy and commitment.
We’ve stocked, and you’ve loved, Lavera’s Basis (everyday organic) bodycare range for a long time and are really excited to be bringing you the Cosmetics range now (just in time for Christmas eh!). Here are some of the products.

Lavera-Glossy Lips LipglossMulti-faceted gloss & shiny care! Glossy Lips Lipgloss by Lavera (retailing at €12.16) provides the lips with fresh colours and an irresistibly glossy colour effect.The smooth texture with organic flower butter, rose, mauve, and linden smoothly nourishes the lips and provides a wonderfully glossy effect with an elegant finish. The innovative applicator ensures perfectly glossy lips in only one precise application.

Lavera Trend Sensitive Organic Intense Volumising Intense Volumising Mascara imageMascara (retailing at €15.85) with its specially designed lash building brush to achieve voluminous, thicker lashes without clumping together. Intense Volumising Mascara contains top-quality organic waxes to fortify and strengthen your lashes combined with soothing organic liquorice root and sea buckthorn.

lavera-mineral-compact-powder imageLavera Mineral Compact Powder (retailing at €19.04) in a flattering matt honey shade with yellow base tones helps to minimise shine. The fine silky smooth organic face powder is ideal for fixing your make-up giving a little colour and a light coverage of light reflecting minerals for a radiant complexion.


Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation (retailing at €15.85) a Lavera liquid-foundation piclong-lasting hydrating liquid foundation in a range of six colours to suit every skin tone. This silky foundation blends easily on the skin and offers 10 hours of moderate coverage. Its nourishing formula treats and rejuvenates your skin with age-defying certified organic argan oil, jojoba, vitamins A, C and E, flower extracts, and more.

So there you have it, perhaps it’s time to look and feel fabulous without the chemicals, especially if you have skin problems or sensitivities!

And now for the even more exciting bit! You can try the products yourself by coming in for a free Lavera make-over from our beauty and skincare specialist Ann Moran on Saturday 5th December.

In the meantime why not come in and check them out soon?